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fiber cement board

Advantages of Fiber Cement Board

The name fiber cement board was new on the list of building materials a few years back. But now its fame is skyrocketing. The reasons for this popularity are many. Before jumping onto those, let us first know what a fiber cement board is.

A fiber cement board is a construction material composed of four different things. These include:

  • Portland Cement  which is used in the manufacturing of concrete.
  • Wood Pulp – which is blended with cement to make the end product strong and flexible.
  • Silica Sand – which works as the filling agent that adds to the durability of the board.
  • Water – which makes the wood pulp soft and the cement harder making the board stronger.

A fiber cement panels or boards formed by mixing the above things are heavy but strong. These boards are also very durable and can withstand harsh climatic conditions; thus are used in constructing the exteriors of a building. There are various other properties of fiber cement board that make it a good construction material.

Advantages of Fiber Cement Board

  1. Several Color Options: Because of its versatility, fiber cement board is widely used in construction. Also, you can choose from a wide range of colors, hues, sizes, and textures that suits your requirements and aesthetics. Therefore, you have a perfect choice of construction material available in so many options.
  2. Wood-like Aesthetics: The look and feel of authentic wood is something that most home and commercial property owners prefer to use as a construction material for their buildings. But, the high cost of wood, the rising price for maintenance, and the other disadvantages of wood often divert them from using wood as a construction material. In such a case, fiber cement is generally the best alternative to wood. The fiber cement boards offer the same classy and sophisticated look to the building as wood. And yes, they eliminate the disadvantages of wooden boards.
  3. Durability and Longevity: Another benefit of using fiber cement boards for a building is their long life and durability. Unlike wood, these do not absorb moisture coming from rains, humidity, or snow. They can withstand harsh climatic conditions without forming warps, and also they won’t rot fast.
  4. Non-Combustible: One of the best qualities of fiber cement boards is their heat and fire resistance. Most of the good companies that manufacture fiber cement boards guarantee that if you keep these boards under direct heat or fire for an hour, they won’t ignite. Hence, you can rest assured that your building is safe from fire accidents.
  5. No Weather Impact: A fiber cement board can withstand all weather conditions. Whether your building faces direct sunlight or rain, extreme heat, or a snowy climate, none of them can impact these boards.
  6. Minimum Maintenance: If you use aluminum and vinyl as the construction material, you will need to spend on pressure washing regularly to maintain it. Moreover, for wood installations, you will again need regular pest control. Fiber cement boards do not require any such maintenance.
  7. Easy to Install: Fiber cement boards are easy to install. Because the cement boards are easy to work with, these do not require special labor training. You just need to choose the right size of the board to install it accurately.
  8. Green Construction Material: Green homes and sustainable building is demand at this time. If the construction material you select is environmentally friendly, it adds to the sustainability of the building. Fiber cement is composed of Portland cement and wood pulp that usually comes from recycled wood, sand, and other additives. None of these are harmful to the environment, and thus the end product is also green.
  9. Cost-efficient: Lastly, the cost efficiency of a fiber cement board makes it the most advantageous construction material. These boards are durable, strong, and resistant to fire, water, and environmental conditions. Therefore, they require lesser repair or replacement for a long time. That means you will save on the cost of repair and replacement.

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