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Euro International School

Euro International School boasts of an enriching and stimulating environnment. The learners are continously challenged to think different, question fearlessly and create independently. Each class room is smart class enabled both to reinforce a concept and to break the monotony. Learning is collaborative and active. The focus is on ‘Learning for life’. This means that the learner is taught to think independently and creatively. The learners are taught to develop the skill to learn and understand various school subjects. 

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House System

Euro International School follows house system for its pupils. The House names are based on the names of Greek Gods.

The God of music and the protector from evil. He is symbolised by a lyre.

The God of finances and the winged messenger. He is symbolised by the caduceus.

The God of the sea and of the water. He is symbolised by a trident.


The king of the Gods and the God of sky. He is symbolised by a lightning bolt.

Dolly Choudhary
Dolly Choudhary
17 April 2024
It's a really good school. The management recruits the teachers very carefully and keeps a track over their performance. Children are also well mannered. Just one thing I would like to suggest that the campus looks so dry and hot in summers. Please plant some big trees in the premises. It will be helpful for the students doing outdoor activities , inspire them to conserve our mother nature and definitely attract more people .
Maneet Singh
Maneet Singh
27 March 2024
Very good school